An ask blog for a party happy, candy loving pony called Piñata.I track the tag 'ask pinata'

My Mum, Satin Stitch is beautiful and kind. She’s an embroiderer and she used to make me personalised blankets and toys when I was little. Her special talent is embroidery.

My Dad is called Hot Sand, he’s a street vendor in the town I grew up in. His specialities are fried nut and vegetable dishes. When I was younger he inspired me, and he taught me the basics of candy making. His special talent is cooking.

My (older) sister, Silk Gauze, is a doctor with the Royal Guard. She always looks out for me and patches me up when I hurt myself. Silk can be a little over-protective at times though. Her special talent is healing.

They’re all very charitable and help with the local homeless ponies.

That’s my family :3

((OOC: And as a bonus you can have Satin Stitch, Hot Sand and Silk Gauze’s sketchy refs. If you guys want you can ask Piñata’s family some questions too.

Yes, Silk Gauze’s mane is different in her ref, she cut it shorter after she joined the Royal Guard, because it’s easier to maintain that way.))

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