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(OOC: So, a day or so ago I hit 90 followers, and I just wanted to thank you all for following Piñata. I would never have got as far as I have without you guys. The fact that people were looking at this blog at all was the reason I continued to run it, and you’re all in some way responsible for my art improving and also for helping me to gain confidence. So thank you all so much.

That follower picture that I was working on for 80+, well I’m no longer happy with how the ponies look, so I’m going to start over. I know it’ll be a big undertaking, but I really want to give you guys something back.

Thanks again guys, you’re all amazing.

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About a week back I hit 3000 followers and I just couldn’t let that pass without a little celebration! Thank you all so so much for following this blog and remaining patient with me, I never once imagined this blog would get this ridiculously popular!

To properly thank you all I’m hosting a giveaway. I’m afraid that with my schedule I can’t give out more than one price, but I’ll make it a nice one! The winner of this giveaway will win one full paint (with simple background) commission!  In order to find out what to do to win this giveaway, see below. 


-You can only enter once

-Like and reblog this post in order to enter

-You don’t have to follow me, but I would very much appreciate it <3

- The contest will end on the 13th of October 2014

For any questions you might have about the giveaway, please go to my modblog! I’ll answer everything on there ^^

Entry and Signal Boost, because Tracy is awesome.

… I’m not sure if they’ll let me take that on the train … ((OOC: Finally guys, an actual update featuring everyone’s favourite Scruffasus and Big Snouted Helping Horse. I’m sorry it took me so long. Truth is this has been sitting around for a while, but I forgot Spades’ cutie mark and decided to wait for a while, then I got out of practise. But better late than never right? I have a feeling due to the changes to Fire Alpaca, and my own stylistic tendencies, the style of the next panels will be a little different… sorry about all this style change Dx))


Stream doodles

1. Sketches of Cowbell and a young Piñata discovering chocolate for the first time

2. Sketches of some of my miscellaneous pony OCs

3. A request for thevoiceinsomethingshead of their OC

4. Something that wouldn’t leave me alone after listening to Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys

5. A doodle that combined two requests/suggestions and which created my new OC Gentleman-Rex

6. Another doodle of Gentleman-Rex

7. We decided that Gentleman-Rex needed an assistant since his arms weren’t long enough for him to sip a cup of tea, and so Butlersus was born. Butlersus’ hairdo comes courtesy of my obsession with Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman cartoons

Gentleman-Rex and Butlersus are to become the stars of a silly ask blog which will be used for chilling/messing around purposes between the slightly more serious storylines of my other blogs.

Doodles from the stream. Due to my own stupidity I lost a few of the doodles including some doodles of Spades, which I quite liked… other than that they’re all here. So enjoy between now and the next update :)


I want to once again apologise for my lack of activity on Ask Piñata and The Journal of Lycia, Djinn and Faerie Luck, volunteering has been keeping me very busy (I’m basically working a full 9-5 from Monday to Saturday most weeks). By the time I get home I’m usually pretty wiped out, so I just…

((OOC: Reblogging from the mod blog. I’m really sorry guys, but sometimes you gotta give in to exhaustion… I promise I haven’t forgotten about you or Pinny ; n ;))

Thanks, Trouble…

((OOC: Updates, featuring everyone’s favourite scruffasus - we’ll get out of Ponyville eventually.))

((OOC: Some silly doodles that happened during the stream. Yes the top left is Piñata in a hot dog roll.
The significance of Piñata&#8217;s shop/house burning down will become apparent over the next few updates.))

((OOC: Some silly doodles that happened during the stream. Yes the top left is Piñata in a hot dog roll.

The significance of Piñata’s shop/house burning down will become apparent over the next few updates.))


Hey guys, just an apology for the distinct lack of activity on any of my blogs over the last week - I’ve been away on holiday and unable to access the internet properly, but I’m back now and updates should be starting again soon-ish. I do still have volunteer work to do though, so it’ll probably…

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Guys please help her

This is really important. I don’t care that it’s not blog related, I will reblog this every few days until further notice

Signal boost.

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